Episode 3.12 – Breaking In: Short Stories vs. Novels

The idea of “breaking in” has changed completely since the rise of digital publishing. In the “old world,” authors built a reputation with short fiction in monthly publications, after which point they’d have a better chance of getting agented representation and full-length book deals from publishers. The world’s different now. How are we planning to break in? Is there merit to the old ways? Have things really changed all that much?


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Episode 3.10 – Career Building: Indie or Agent?

After a very long (unplanned) absence, Write Right is back! Keep an eye out for the next two episodes, which will be available on Friday, June 29. After that, we’ll be back to our regular weekly programming. Thanks for sticking with us.

There are many avenues to building a writing career. Fortunately, a few of them are represented in this podcast.

There are as many ways to make it as a writer as there are writers in the world, but there are a few paths to a writing career that are more thoroughly trodden than others. In this episode, the gang talks about their experiences in the various stages of career building and, as usual, meander off topic for a little while.


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