Episode 3.7 – Romance and Sex in Other Genres (Part II)

Content warning: this episode includes coarse language and discussions about sexual assault in literature.

Continuing the conversation from episode 3.6, we explore sex in non-romance fiction. Sex scenes should not be any different, fundamentally, from any other scene in a book. They can be staged like a fight, conversation, transaction-—any scene that involves character emotion and growth. The scene should have value as well as enticing action.

Do social taboos affect the way we write and read sex? Definitely.


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Episode 3.6 – Romance and Sex in Other Genres (Part I)

Content warning: this episode includes coarse language, (terrible) descriptions of sexual acts, and discussions about sexual assault in literature.

Sex and physical intimacy in literature is a slippery slope. Inclusion of those elements for shock value alone is counterproductive and generally seen as gratuitous. What we discover through our conversation is that the inclusion of sex in stories must have value to the characters and plot. We also issue a warning: stop using sexual assault as a character-building trope in speculative fiction. It is a terrible thing to do.

We also went quite a bit over time in this episode’s recording, so the episode is split between 3.6 and 3.7, so tune in next week for the second half of the conversation.


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Episode 3.5 – Romance, Erotic Romance, and Erotica

This month, Write Right will dive into discussions about romance and erotica. That being the case, we are going to flag the episodes for February as explicit. If these topics aren’t your cup of tea, join back up with us in March when we change themes.

Are the romance genres a smooth spectrum, or are there clear lines between romance, erotic (or steamy) romance, and erotica? Are there well-established rules for the form? Mariëlle Smith joins us for our exploration of the steamier side of popular fiction.



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Episode 3.4 – Can there be too much “new” energy?

Starting a new story can be an intoxicating thing. It’s my greatest strength as a writer, and that’s why I have so, so many stories on the backburner. At a certain point, there’s got to be a limit to how much “new” energy for writing is positive…doesn’t there? How do we know the difference between a shiny new idea and a true gem? How do we balance between our projects? How do we deal with “want to write” versus “am writing”?


Start an idea farm.


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Episode 3.2 – The Fallacy of Resolutions

Resolutions for the New Year can be a controversial topic. One thing’s for sure: they don’t work for everyone. For many of us, they can be downright counterproductive. If the concept of the resolution doesn’t work for us, is there a way for us to “resolve” do to something in a beneficial way?



Become the jellyfish you’ve always wanted to be.


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Episode 3.1 – New Beginnings

Here we are, at the very beginning of the third season of Write Right. We’re joined this month by Elayna Mae Darcy, during which we’ll be talking about beginnings and newness. This time, we talk about new podcasts each of us is hosting, and podcasts we love.

Here’s a complete list of our recommendations:

Elan’s new podcast: The Warbler Weekly
Elan’s recommendations:

Elayna’s new podcast: The Convention Kid
Elayna’s recommendations:

Craig and John’s new podcast: Deep Desires Podcast
Craig’s recommendations:

John’s recommendations:



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Episode 2.35 – Year in Review

This is the the thirty-fifth and final episode of the second season of Write Right. It’s been a wonderful, strange, difficult, and expansive year. The podcasters talk about their years in writing, reading, working, and living. The next season of Write Right begins in the new year! Many thanks to each and every listener who gave our program their time. We hope to make the next year of writerly chats even better.

WE DEMAND that you Watch the movie Kedi on YouTube, iTunes, or anywhere you can find it.


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Episode 2.34 – NaNoWriMo Accountability Check-In

Oh dear. Here we go. Not too long ago, we talked about NaNoWriMo, that magical, stressful month where hundreds of thousands of writers around the world go wild. How did our collective Novembers go? Did we win?

No. We didn’t win.

But you know what? That’s okay.





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Episode 2.33 – The Evil Day Job

The great and terrible evil of the day job is this episode’s topic, and while the initial intent of the episode was to talk about how we balance our day jobs with our writing endeavors, the episode took a turn for the philosophical, as they seem to do when Elan is let loose upon the world. We hope you enjoy the episode!


  • If you are unable to write when you want to, try to figure out why. When you identify that, think of ways to change your day around to accomodate your desire to write.
  • Also, be kind to yourself.

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